Scarlett Station

Intersection: Scarlett Rd. and Dixon Rd.
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 58
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

58+ Malton, 73 Royal York

Scarlett station is located at the Scarlett Rd. and Dixon Rd. and serves as a break between the long distance between Weston and Islington North stations. It will provide subway service to the Humber Heights-Westwood neighbourhood, as well as the western part of Weston north of Fern Ave. The 58 Malton and a slightly rerouted 73 Royal York will connect to the station.

Though Humber Heights-Westwood is a stable low-density neighbourhood, the location of this station was largely chosen to provide further service to Weston, for those who do not live that close to Lawrence. Because the subway will bridge over the Humber River between Weston and Scarlett stations, it seems there is an opportunity to use that bridge to carry pedestrians and cyclists across the river as well, making Scarlett Station actually a short walk away for many in the Weston community. From an engineering standpoint, the station could be constructed similar to Old Mill, with the station partly underground and part of it overhanging the Humber River Valley as part of the bridge. While density for the station is on the low side, there are many apartments along Weston that fall outside the 500m catchment zone that would use the station, and density at this location is far superior to that at Royal York, which was also considered as a midpoint between Weston and Islington North stations.

Unfortunately, there is not much potential for redevelopment at this location. Existing density may go up slightly, but it will not increase substantially.

Scarlett provides a break between two stations that would be the furthest apart in the system if a station was not put between them, isolating riders that would be midway between stations, yet over a kilometre from both. While density is not high, nearby apartments outside the 500m catchment have potential to use the station, and it is doubtful overall station use would not be higher than many throughout the existing system.

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