Islington North Station

Intersection: Islington Ave. and Dixon Rd.
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 103
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

37+ Islington, 58+ Malton

Islington North station is located at Islington Ave. and Dixon Rd. It serves the eastern parts of the Kingsview Village and Westway neighbourhoods, as well as connecting with more density to the north via the 37 Islington bus. It also connects with the 58 Malton bus.

Islington North is one of the few areas outside the designated "centres" in Toronto where the density already exists to support a subway even without future development Twelve major apartments exist within 500m of the station, with three more only a few metres further to the north on Islington. Despite having very high density for a suburban area, this neighbourhood is currently poorly served by transit, with the nearest subway station being more than six kilometres away, and then a long ride downtown from the existing Islington station. There is easily the density around this neighbourhood to support a new subway.

Despite already having the recommended density for a subway, there is still room for new development to push density levels even higher. The former Loblaw's on the southeast corner of Islington and Dixon sits unoccupied, and can fit multiple large buildings that should be in high demand given proximity to transit, parks, and Highway 401. Density could reach around 130 people + jobs / hectare.

Islington North would be a well used station, providing efficient transit to a densely populated area and creating a faster trip downtown for those north of it.

Westbound to:
Kipling North
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