Why Build The Line?

Queen/King Streetcar Issues : This page explains problems currently experienced by Queen and King Streetcar riders, including slow relative speeds and gaps in service during non-peak periods, and describes how the proposed Downtown Relief Line would alleviate these problems.
Transit City: This page explains why the Downtown Relief Line should be considered immediately, before the Don Mills LRT commences construction and money is wasted for something that would be replaced very shortly thereafter.
Better Transit to Underserved Neighbourhoods: This page provides an overview of how the Downtown Relief Line could provide vital transit services to Toronto neighbourhoods currently underserved, including Liberty Village and the Distillery District.
A Faster Trip Downtown: This page describes how the Downtown Relief Line would provide a faster trip downtown for riders living across the city, as well as explaining how the creation of the line would decrease travel time for those continuing to use the existing Yonge subway line during peak periods.
Logical Expansion: This page describes why it is logical, and important, to extend the Downtown Relief Line into the Northeast and Northwest of the city including a direct rapid transit connection to Pearson Airport.
Subway Benefits: This page provides a detailed explanation of environmental, economic, and health benefits which will result from the construction of the Downtown Relief Line.
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