Throughout the creation of this project, many individuals provided help and support and I can't possibly thank them enough

My Project Supervisor, Sebastien Darchen, and my Academic Advisor, Peter Mulvihill, both provided encouragement and support when needed. Any time I was feeling overwhelmed by the scale of work to be done, they were able to calm my nerves and bring me back to Earth.

My Transportation Planning professor and City of Toronto Director of Transportation Planning Rod McPhail provided endless amounts of helpful information that I othewise would not have found on my own, and his knowledge and passion for his job is inspirational for my future career aspirations. Talking with him has made me confident my enthusiasm for transportation planning will not fade over the years.

Thank you to Andrew Perry for helping with the web design. Creating and coding the entire site myself would have turned a difficult project into an unimaginable one. He was always willing to put up with my questions about web coding, and was helpful in fixing any problems that occurred.

Thank you to Josh Alderson, Nathalie Bick, Meredith Czaniecki, and Mark Wright of RapidFire Photography for helping with photographing the city. Coming up with photos for the entire length of the proposed subway line is a long and arduous task, and their help made it not only faster, but their company on these trips kept them interesting.

Thank you to Chris Suppa and Kristina Pauksens for their work on editing the website. Working late nights often results in completely incoherent sentence structure, and their eyes were incredibly helpful to catch and fix those problems.

Thank you to all the members of the Urban Toronto forum. Their extensive discussion and passionate opinions are what first got me interested in the concept of the Downtown Relief Line. Without that forum, this website likely wouldn't have happened.

Thank you to the rest of my friends and my family, who have had to put up with me explaining the benefits of this subway over and over and continued to be supportive of my work.

Finally, a special thank you to my mother. The strength that she has shown in her life has been tremendously inspirational, and has been an ongoing source of motivation for me to ensure I put maximum effort into my work. This website is dedicated to her.

© 2010 Phil Orr & Andrew Perry