Weston Station

Intersection: GO Weston Tracks and Lawrence Ave. W
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 97
Nearby Landmarks: Weston GO Station
TTC Connections:

52 Lawrence West, 79+ Scarlett

Weston station is located at the GO Weston Tracks and Lawrence Ave. W. It will provide subway service to the community of Weston and will connect with the 52 Lawrence West and 79 Scarlett buses. It also connects with regional rail at the Weston GO Station.

As one of Toronto's oldest suburbs, Weston is one of the few suburban locations one can visit where they will still find a lively and vibrant street atmosphere, including a retail lined main street that is well suited to transit use. Weston is a very close community, often meeting to discuss ways to improve the area. It is also proud of its history. Despite being absorbed into Toronto, Weston still has its own Santa Claus Parade every year167. More importantly in terms of subway planning, Weston has a high amount of density both in terms of apartments as well as densely packed older housing once you enter the neighbourhoods east of the railway. Subway usage would be expected to be very good for a suburban station, with the density necessary for a subway as well as a retail environment suited towards transit, with stores facing the street rather than parking lots.

In terms of redevelopment, there are a few opportunities to further increase the density around this station. There is currently an empty lot awaiting conversion southeast of the Weston Park Baptist Church at Weston and Lawrence, and there is some space on the north side of John St. just east of Weston Rd. Because there are so many tall apartments already within the neighbourhood, further development should not be a major problem, but an active residents association may cause difficulty if there are any perceived negative threats to the community.

Weston used to have a streetcar running to it, but now has relatively poor local transit service for an area that can easily support it. It is definitely time Weston receives the transit it deserves.

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