Political Support

With the upcoming municipal election and transit among the most important factors for the electorate this year, I invite all mayoral candidates to comment on this proposal.

In addition to the mayoral candidates, I welcome comments from all politicians whether municipal, provincial, or federal. While public support of the line is crucial, ultimately it is the politicians who make the decisions. If you are a politician and would like to comment on this proposal, I encourage you to contact me and I will post your comments on this page.

From Mike Yen, candidate for Ward 20:

The DRL is a very important transit priority for me as it directly benefits Ward 20 where I live and am running for City Council. Not only does it provide service to under served areas in my ward such as CityPlace, relieves pressure on the streetcar lines along Queen Street and King Street, but it also provides access to the city's prime tourist designations such as Spadina and the Rogers Centre. Every other ward in the city also benefits from the reduction in traffic along the Yonge Street line, benefiting businesses and saving billions of dollars that are otherwise needed to increase capacity on the already overloaded existing infrastructure.

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