Kipling North Station

Intersection: Kipling Ave. and Dixon Rd.
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 105
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

45+ Kipling, 58+ Malton

Kipling North station is located at Kipling Ave. and Dixon Rd. It will provide subway service to the western sides of the Kingsview Village and Westway neighbourhoods, while providing faster service to downtown for those who live north of Dixon off Kipling, including a dense pocket beween Finch and Steeles by use of the 45 Kipling bus. The 58 Malton bus also would serve the area.

Kipling North along with its neighbour Islington North capitalize on the vast number of large apartments between Kipling and Islington on Dixon Rd, leading to a density usually unseen in the suburbs. The neighbourhood can support this level of transit without any redevelopment needed, and would be welcome in an area that is nowhere near any existing rapid transit. North Etobicoke is one of the poorest served areas by transit in Toronto, and a subway along Dixon Road with a stop at Kipling helps alleviate that.

There is also some potential for redevelopment with a plaza on the southeast corner that could be redesigned in a smaller scale way similar to how the Don Mills Centre was reconfigured into the Shops at Don Mills, complete with new development.

Kipling North would see a high level of passengers for a suburban station, and is along with Islington North, a major reason why a Dixon route is chosen to go to the airport.

Westbound to:
Highway 27
Eastbound to:
Islington North
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