The Donway Station

Intersection: Don Mills Rd. & Lawrence Ave E.
Construction Stage: Three
2014 Density (est.): 115
Nearby Landmarks: The Shops at Don Mills
TTC Connections: 25 Don Mills, 54/A Lawrence East, 162 Lawrence-Donway, 403 South Don Mills

Lawrence and Don Mills would be the third last stop on the northeastern end of the Downtown Relief Line, serving the Don Mills neighbourhood, which is well designed for higher order transit due to the increased levels of density immediately surrounding the intersection of Lawrence and Don Mills.

Despite being known as Canada's First Suburb, the area around Don Mills and Lawrence has enough density to easily support a subway. Not only will the redevelopment of Don Mills Centre push current density levels from 88 to 115, but the station would serve a shopping centre, generating further levels of ridership that cannot be measured by density alone.

The Don Mills Centre redevelopment will see six new residential buildings constructed between 12-26 stories, adding 1,387 new residential units and a new public recreational facility. Since 2006, the old Don Mills Centre plaza has been largely torn down, and redeveloped into the Shops at Don Mills, an outdoor promenade-style mall. The surrounding area consists of several mid-rise apartments, and low-density residential surrounding The Donway. The mix of offices, residential, and shopping make this well suited for high transit use, and should easily be able to support a subway.

Between the relatively high density for a suburban area, the demand provided by the shopping centre, and the buses that would connect with this station, The Donway could conceivably be among the higher levels of ridership in the system for stations that are not located in the downtown or a "centre".

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