Wynford Station

Intersection: Don Mills Rd. & Eglinton Ave. E.
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 90
Nearby Landmarks: The Ontario Science Centre, The Aga Khan Museum
TTC Connections: 25 Don Mills, 34+ Eglinton East (Eglinton LRT), 51 Leslie, 100+ Flemingdon Park, 403 South Don Mills

Eglinton and Don Mills would be a terminal stop on the first stage of construction of the Downtown Relief Line, serving the neighbourhoods of Wynford-Concorde, the northern part of Flemingdon Park, and the Don Mills Employment District, which is home to almost 12,000 jobs including five firms with more than 500 each44. In addition to the businesses and communities surrounding the station, the Ontario Science Centre is located here, as well as the Aga Khan Museum which will finish construction in 2013.

Though the density immediately surrounding Eglinton and Don Mills may be slightly lower than the recommended level of density for a subway, a number of factors combine to make Wynford a successful station. A significant amount of density is located only a kilometre away on the east side of the Don Valley Parkway. New development around Eglinton and Leslie is also within a short distance. More importantly, the Eglinton LRT is projected to increase ridership on Eglinton from 67,400 per day to 170,000 passengers per day51. This is a significant change in ridership, potentially adding over a thousand more passengers to the Downtown Relief Line over what the Eglinton East bus would contribute. These additional riders also show a major reason the Downtown Relief Line is necessary, as it is doubtful the Yonge line could accommodate all these new passengers.

The number of parking lots in the region for the Celestica campus, the Science Centre, and the Real Canadian Superstore means that there is plenty of potential for redevelopment, further increasing density levels and ridership, as well as room for a bus and LRT terminal to connect with the station. The combination of current density, connecting routes, and development potential make Don Mills and Eglinton an ideal location for the terminus of the first stage of the Downtown Relief Line.

Southbound to:
Flemingdon Park
Northbound to:
The Donway
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