Rogers Road Station

Intersection: GO Weston Tracks and Rogers Rd.
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 73
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections: 89 Weston, 161 Rogers Rd, 168 Symington

Rogers Road station is located at the GO Weston Tracks and Rogers Road. It is at the junction of the Keelesdale, Silverthorne, and Harwood neighbourhoods. The surface routes that will connect to the station are the 89 Weston, 161 Rogers Rd. and the 168 Symington buses.

All three of these neighbourhoods contain detached houses from the early part of the century, and have not experienced a dramatic amount of change in their structure in recent years. The only major changes that have occurred are the area around Rogers Road and Keele, which now has a number of high-rise residential structures. These contribute to the density measurement of 73, which although below the recommended density levels of 100, would be an at-grade station and thus have much lower construction costs, justifying the existence of it while providing residents of these neighbourhoods a faster trip downtown.

Much like at Stock Yards station to the south of it and Black Creek to the north, a significant amount of redevelopment possibility exists within the area. The area surrounding the railroad tracks, particularly on the east side of Weston Road has a lot in common with the area north of Bloor on Dundas that the City plans on redeveloping. No avenue study has been done to date, but if a subway were to be in place at this location, it would seem likely the City would plan to capitalize on that and intensify the area.

Rogers Road is a station with good development potential that can be constructed at a low cost. The service it would provide to its neighbouring regions justifies its expense.

Northbound to:
Black Creek
Southbound to:
Stock Yards
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