Queen East Station

Intersection: GO Weston Tracks and Queen St. E.
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 102
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections: 501 Queen, 502 Downtowner, 503 Kingston Rd., 504 King

Queen East provides service to Toronto's Riderside and Studio Districts, and acts as a major connection to important surface routes that run east-west through the downtown. The station will not only allow those coming from the north to transfer to vehicles that will allow them to enter the downtown further north than the DRL would, but it also allows those coming from the Beaches to shorten their journies downtown by transferring to the DRL.

The Riverside district is a historic neighbourhood just east of the Don River that, despite  lower than average land values historically, has seen investment and property values rise steadily since 2004124. It is home to over 100 businesses including a major concert venue in The Opera House. A major sign that the area is gentrifying is the construction of The Ninety, a new loft development which has not occurred in Riverside in quite some time. While density is sufficient in the area, it is not very high for an area this close to downtown. Due to the four streetcar connections, the density is not needed to be exceptionally high, with two of the highest ridership routes in the system intercepting the station to provide a large number of passengers.

Though there may be some parking lots for minor redevelopment around Broadview, Riverside is a stable neighbourhood and large buildings would be very out of place. Midrise construction would fit in well, with a few buildings already existing that are six to eight stories in height.

Queen East is an important transfer station for streetcar connections and serves a vibrant neighbourhood with increasingly growing demand. Much like Danforth-Pape, its role is important in speeding up the trip downtown for riders from the east.

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