Pearson International Airport Station

Intersection: Terminal One of Pearson International Airport - Near the LINK Train Station
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 23
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

58A Malton, 192 Airport Rocket

Pearson International Airport Station is located at Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson International Airport, near the LINK Train Station to connect passengers with Terminal 3. With the 58A Malton and 192 Airport Rocket buses, it provides service to passengers heading to and the employees of Pearson International Airport.

The purpose of this station is to provide the rapid transit connection to the airport Toronto so obviously needs, and to attach it to the public transit system to provide an alternative to those who do not wish to pay $20 to go to Union Station, the current plan with the Blue 22 proposal. With over 88,000 passengers per day145 and 70,000 employees84, a huge amount of potential ridership exists at this airport. Rapid transit is long overdue.

Development potential is not important for this station. The purpose it serves is already constructed and well used.

Pearson has been in need of a subway link for decades and it is time that one finally came to the airport. It would be heavily used by passengers and employees, and justifies the line's extension that far west.

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