Carlingview Station

Intersection: Carlingview Dr. and Dixon Rd.
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 28
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

58+ Malton, 112C West Mall

Carlingview station is located at Carlingview Dr. and Dixon Rd. It will provide service to the Airport Hotels, provide ample parking for commuters, and connect with the 58 Malton and 112C West Mall buses.

Carlingview station would exist as an elevated station to serve the hotels and other smaller businesses in this neighbourhood. Density may appear low, however hotels have a large number of potential passengers who simply will not factor into density calculations. Not only will this station provide guests at these hotels a quick route downtown without the need to rely on a car, but it will also provide them with a route to and from the airport to the hotel. The station thus becomes a travellers dream, eliminating the need for a rental car. Fields of parking also will allow park and ride facilities.

With vast amounts of parking, there is obvious room for redevelopment in terms of more hotels or more business parks. The largest specific potential belongs to the former Regal Constellation Hotel, which is currently undergoing a slow process of demolition, and occupies the northeast corner of Carlingview and Dixon. Given it was the largest hotel in the region, the property is fairly substantial and thus development potential is very high.

Carlingview serves an important function and would be very useful for travellers, as well as park-and-ride commuters.

Westbound to:
Pearson International Airport
Eastbound to:
Highway 27
© 2010 Phil Orr & Andrew Perry