Gladstone Station

Intersection: GO Weston Tracks and Queen St. W.
Construction Stage: Two
2014 Density (est.): 173
Nearby Landmarks: West Queen West, Parkdale
TTC Connections: 29+ Dufferin, 193 Exhibition Rocket, 402 Parkdale, 501 Queen

Gladstone station is located at Dufferin St. and Queen Street W. It will provide the West Queen West, Parkdale, Beaconsfield, and Brockton neighbourhoods with quick subway connections to the University line as well as the Bloor-Danforth line. Gladstone will also connect with the 29+ Dufferin bus, 193 Exhibition Rocket, 402 Parkdale, and 501 Queen streetcar.

West Queen West was established in 2005 and currently has over 400 businesses and is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant retail areas in Toronto180. West Queen West has also seen the revival of two of Toronto's landmark hotels, the Gladstone and the Drake. Parkdale dates back to 1879 as a cottage location for city dwellers. It quickly became an important town, but was dealt a major blow first by the construction of the Gardiner Expressway then by deinstitutionalization at CAMH. In recent years, it has begun a process of gentrification, and now property in the neighbourhood is in demand179. West Queen West and Parkdale both offer visitors and locals a chance to explore local art and culture, experience green living, enjoy a unique culinary experience, and experience Toronto nightlife. There are currently 4 major condo developments under construction within 500 m of Gladstone station and another 2 proposed for the area.

Despite the amount of current redevelopment occurring around Gladstone station there remains areas available for future development. There are a number of manufacturing areas that could easily be redeveloped as residential space as this area continues to be in demand.

Gladstone station stands as a connection point for a number of preexisting surface TTC routes. It will also provide a number of up and coming neighbourhoods a quick connection to the downtown core. Due to the neighbourhoods it will serve including Parkdale, which has one of the highest rates of transit use in Toronto, along with the drawing power of the Gladstone and Drake Hotel, the level of ridership should be fairly high.

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