Denison Station

Intersection: Jane St. and GO Weston Tracks
Construction Stage: Four
2014 Density (est.): 91
Nearby Landmarks: None
TTC Connections:

32C Eglinton West, 35+ Jane

Denison station is located at the Jane St. and the GO Weston Tracks. It sits on the edge of the Weston, Mount Dennis, and Amesbury neighbourhoods. It connects with a branch of the Eglinton West bus, as well as the 35 Jane.

Denison occupies an area that once held some of Canada's largest factories. The Dominion Bridge factory used to occupy the southwest corner of Jane and Trethewey, which has now become a compact urban housing neighbourhood109. The former Moffat factory on Denison just west of Jane is still an empty lot which is open for future development. Beyond these properties, there are a number of large apartments near Trethewey which make for a rather high density area for somewhere this far out of the downtown core, and development of the Moffat lands can increase density over 100. Unfortunately, the south side of the tracks is currently active industry such as the Irving Tissue plant, and is unlikely to be redeveloped at any time in the near future. That said, Denison is in stage four of the Downtown Relief Line, and much can change by the time this is constructed.

Because of the closing of factories in the neighbourhood, and the precedent of redeveloping the Dominion Bridge factory into compact housing, it is very possible that the former Moffat lands can be redeveloped into residential or mixed-use. With the apartments near Jane and Trethewey already existing, height restrictions should be fairly lenient and thus result in a large increase in density.

Denison has the density to support a subway, and the connection to the Jane bus means that those living in the dense neighbourhoods surrounding Jane further north can receive a quicker trip downtown.

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Black Creek
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