Rogers Centre Station

Intersection: Lower Simcoe St. and Bremner Blvd.
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 560
Nearby Landmarks: Rogers Centre, The CN Tower, The Air Canada Centre, The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Steam Whistle Brewery, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
TTC Connections: None

Rogers Centre Station is located at Bremner and Lower Simcoe. It does not connect with any TTC surface routes, but is such an important station, the lack of connections is not important. It serves both a high density of residents and businesses as well as important landmarks, leading to potentially high uses at all hours of the day.

Rogers Centre Station is an important station to serve Rogers Centre and the Air Canada Centre for sporting events and concerts, The Metro Toronto Convention Centre for numerous conventions throughout the year, and the CN Tower for tourists. Even though its location best lends itself to times when events are actually happening nearby, , Rogers Centre also has seen a tremendous amount of development in the last few years, including several projects currently under construction or in planning stages. Infinity Condos and the Telus Building were constructed in 2006. Infinity Condos and the Telus Building have already been constructed since 2006, and many other buildings including Maple Leaf Square, Ice Condos, The Ritz-Carlton, and 18 York St. are under construction or planned, a number of which are taller than 40 stories. As a result of this, density by 2014 is expected to be 55% greater than levels measured in the 2006 census and Transportation Tomorrow Survey, bringing the density levels on par with St. Lawrence station and Bay Station.

Unfortunately, much of the land that is available is already planned for development and included in density calculations, so not much further infill would be possible. There are some parking lots around York St. between the Gardiner and Harbour St. that may eventually be developed, and though doubtful, it is possible that the railway tracks get built over as has been done in numerous other cities. Before this can happen, electrification of the tracks would have to occur.

Due to the high levels of density that would make it amongst the most dense stations in the system, combined with the obvious draw from the nearby major attractions, Rogers Centre station would be incredibly well used and is one of the major reasons to draw the line south of Wellington to Bremner west of the Financial District. Rogers Centre Station may take on a different name, as naming a station after a corporate named building may cause difficulties if the stadium is again renamed. "Bremner", "Simcoe", and "Stadium" are viable alternatives.

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