Flemingdon Park Station

Intersection: Don Mills Rd. & Gateway Blvd (north connection).
Construction Stage: One
2014 Density (est.): 154
Nearby Landmarks: The Ontario Science Centre
TTC Connections: 100+ Flemingdon Park, 144 Downtown/Don Valley Express, 403 South Don Mills

Flemingdon Park station would serve the neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park, one of Toronto's most dense residential neighbourhoods that is currently not served by rapid transit. The station would also provide a closer connection to the main entrance of the Ontario Science Centre than the Wynford stop would provide. Mark Garneau Collegiate and the Valley Park Middle School would also be well served by this stop.

Immediate density surrounding the station is high at more than 1.5X the recommended density needed to support a subway station. Density continues to be high outside the 500m radius that was used to measure population for the station, with many large apartments located east of Grenoble and south of the southern side of Gateway Blvd. that while not within a 10 minute walk of the station, are still very close. While no major bus routes would connect to provide ridership, those living in the immediate area would give the station a high level of use, as the residents already use transit at a relatively high rate.

This station also has room to develop, with the Flemingdon Park Plaza at the corner of Gateway and Don Mills ripe for a redevelopment that replaces the lost retail in the podium of a new building. The southern parking lot of the Science Centre also provides opportunity for development.

A station at Flemingdon Park, while close to Wynford station, is necessary due to the massive level of potential demand in this neighbourhood. Despite the lack of meaningful bus connections, the location can undoubtedly support a subway station.

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Thorncliffe Park
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