Sheppard - Don Mills Station

Intersection: Don Mills Rd. & Sheppard Ave. E
Construction Stage: Three
2014 Density (est.): 140
Nearby Landmarks: Fairview Mall
TTC Connections: 4 Sheppard, 10 Van Horne, 24A Victoria Park, 25 Don Mills, 85+ Sheppard East, 139 Finch-Don Mills, 167+ Pharmacy North, 169+ Huntingwood, 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket, 224+ Victoria Park North

Sheppard and Don Mills is the current terminus of the Sheppard subway line, and the future terminus of the Downtown Relief Line. It provides a critical interchange allowing those in North York and Scarborough a faster route downtown without an additional transfer needed at Sheppard-Yonge station. The Sheppard Subway would no longer simply dead-end at Don Mills Rd., but form a vital northern connection between two parallel subways.

The density of the area is currently 122, with density projected to be at 140 by 2014 with the construction of Emerald City Condos, which is currently underway. With this intersection being proposed as a subway interchange, as well as immediate access to Highway 404, it is likely density will increase significantly by stage three of construction of the Downtown Relief Line when this station gets built. In addition to the density within the 500m catchment zone, there is a sizable number of apartments and employment situated just east of Highway 404 off Sheppard.

Nine bus routes connect to the station, with the Don Mills bus having service scaled back dramatically south of Sheppard, and potentially split into a second route north of Sheppard. As well as having a large base of ridership to draw from due to a high population around the area, the presence of Fairview Mall provides an important trip generator throughout the day, luring shoppers from around the region.

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